I already have a partner. Will Yüzclick help me?


Yes, in addition to giving you the compatibility percentage, Yüzclick gives you 26 personalized TIPS based on your and your partner´s facial features, which will help you know and understand your partner so you can improve your relationship.

If I wish to delete any of the 3 profiles I have created, can I do it?

Absolutely, you can delete any of your partner profiles at any moment and create a new one, but you can only have 3 profiles at a time.

What are the 26 TIPS that Yüzclick gives you?

They are personalized suggestions based on your and your partner´s facial features. These will help you know and understand your partner so you can improve your relationship.


Can I modify the list of TIPS I have chosen?

Yes, you can do it at any given moment. You can select from 0 to 26 TIPS and experiment with different compatibility percentages.

Why does Yüzclick work?


Our face is the reflection of our thoughts and feelings, this changes our face in a daily basis, Yüzclick is designed to measure the facial features and the relation of your and your partner’s characteristics.

 If I use a modified or edited photo, will the app work?

Yüzclick measures the photo as it is, and it will give you the results according to the photos uploaded in your profile.

Does it work on any device?


For the moment, Yüzclick is only available on Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad at the App Store.

How should I take the photos?

For the analysis to work, you must upload 2 photos of both your and your partner’s faces, one from the front and one from the left side. Try to keep your ears uncovered, take off any glasses, and have a neutral facial expression.

What happens if the ears are not shown in the front-view picture?

If the ears are not visible in the front-view-photo Yüzclick gives you the option to indicate that, but you will lose points in your compatibility percentage.

If I do not have any left-side-view photos, could I just upload the front-view one?

No, Yüzclick will not let you complete your profile if you do not upload a left side-view photo.

Can I share the results in social media?

Of course you can. Yüzclick gives you the option to share your results as you wish.

Can I compare the results between my partner profiles?

Yes, you can compare the compatibility percentages of all your partners profiles.

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